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5 Tips on How To Keep A Good Lasting Relationship



Emeke Nwajei and Favour Silas

Keeping a lasting relationship takes time, effort, and commitment from both partners.

Here are some tips to help maintain a strong and healthy relationship for beginners:

♥Communicate openly and honestly with your partner. Share your thoughts, feelings, and needs, and actively listen to your partner’s as well.

♥Show appreciation and gratitude for your partner. Expressing love and appreciation for each other will help to strengthen the bond between you.

♥Be willing to compromise. No relationship is perfect, and there will be times when you’ll need to make sacrifices for your partner and vice versa.

♥Take care of yourself and your partner. This includes physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

♥Show interest in your partner’s life and activities. Being supportive and understanding can go a long way in maintaining a happy relationship.

♥Resolve conflicts in a healthy way. Arguments and disagreements are a normal part of any relationship, but it’s important to learn how to handle them in a constructive way.

♥Make time for each other. Regularly set aside time to spend together, whether it’s for a date night or just a quiet evening at home.

♥Be faithful and trustworthy. Trust is an essential part of any relationship, and infidelity can be devastating.

♥Maintain a sense of humor. Being able to laugh and have fun together can help to keep things light and maintain a sense of perspective.

♥Keep your relationship a priority. It takes work and effort to maintain a lasting relationship, so make sure to always keep your partner and your relationship in mind.

How to stay in a serious relationship

1. Communicate openly and honestly with your partner.

2. Show gratitude and appreciation for your partner.

3. Spend quality time together.

4. Show respect and trust in your partner.

5. Be willing to compromise and work through conflicts.

6. Show affection and physical intimacy.

7. Make shared goals and plans for the future.

8. Continuously work on improving yourself.

9. Be willing to admit and take responsibility for your mistakes.

10. Keep some independence in the relationship.


There are many things that can help a relationship last, some top 10 key strategies include:

1. Communicating openly and honestly with your partner

2. Showing appreciation and gratitude for your partner

3. Being willing to compromise and work through conflicts together

4. Making time for each other and for shared activities

5. Building trust and being reliable

6. Being supportive of each other’s goals and dreams

7. Continuing to grow and learn as individuals and as a couple.

10 Reasons of Breaking Relationships

There are many factors that can contribute to the breakdown of a serious relationship. Some common causes include:

1. Lack of trust: Trust is a foundational aspect of any relationship, and if it is broken, it can be difficult to repair.

2. Communication issues: Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, which can cause resentment and hurt feelings.

3. Infidelity: Cheating can cause a serious breach of trust and can be difficult to forgive.

4. Financial troubles: Money problems can put a lot of stress on a relationship and can cause arguments and tension.

5. Different values and goals: When partners have different goals and values, it can be challenging to find common ground and make the relationship work.

6.Lack of intimacy: A lack of physical and emotional intimacy can cause a relationship to become stale and unfulfilling.

7. Personal growth: Sometimes, as people grow and change, they may outgrow their relationship and want different things from life.

8. Abuse: Physical, emotional, sexual or financial abuse can break the relationship and can be dangerous.


Overall, a lasting relationship requires patience, understanding, and dedication. Remember that every relationship is different and may require different strategies and approaches. Be willing to put in the work and effort, and always remember to communicate openly and honestly with your partner.

It’s important to remember that every relationship is different and what works for one couple may not work for another. It’s essential to have open and honest communication with your partner to ensure that you are both on the same page and working towards the same goals.

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Love And Dating

9 Things Each lady needs within the Morning But will Never Tell You



Breakfast in bed

Ladies are exceptionally complicated by nature, they would likely need something and not tell you, anticipating you to get it their silent needs, and watch out for them. This behavior of ladies too extends to how they need to be treated at the beginning of the day.

Most times, folks discover this behavior exceptionally irritating and get pissed at their ladies for not being satisfied with their endeavors to create them cheerfully.

But not to stress, I will appear you a few of the things your lady needs you to do in the morning, but will never tell you. These secrets could conceivably include an additional start to your cherished life.

9 Things Each lady needs within the Morning But Will Never Tell You

1. Provide her a morning kiss and inquire how she rested

Ladies cherish kisses, particularly morning kisses. Kissing your lady to begin with thing within the morning is considered a really sentimental motion by ladies. After the morning kiss, welcome her and inquire her how she rested. This alone will boost her resolve, and deliver her the inspiration she ought to begin her day.

2. Server her breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is another exceptionally sentimental signal a man can portray to his lady. Don’t only bring her dinners to the bed when she is wiped out, but attempt to create it a weekly schedule, at slightest 2-3 days a week serve your lady breakfast in bed. This increments the love in your relationship.

3. Wake Her Up within the Morning

Ladies adore to be woken up within the morning in a sentimental way. You’ll wake her up with delicate butterfly kisses all over her body, whispering sweet words into her ears or delicately shaking her alert. This gives her a sense of security and having a place.

4. Inquire around her plans for the day

Your woman loves it after you inquire approximately her plans for the day. Do not as it were inquire, but know how you can offer assistance her accomplish them in case it’s something you’ll do. Particularly in case you’ve got time. This lets her know that she can continuously check on you to come through for her.

5. Let her rest in and offer assistance her with chores

Typically specific to accomplices who have kids. If you taken note she had a very stressful day at work and taking care of the kids, you’ll be able permit her to rest an additional hour or so by making a difference her with some chores or taking care of the kids or doing both in the event that you’ve got kids. Offer assistance her each chance you get, and she will continuously appreciate it.

6. Compliment her

Ladies continuously like to be told how lovely they are. Complimenting your lady each morning is something each man ought to do each morning, because it boosts women’s certainty. In expansion to complimenting her, tell her how fortunate you’re to have her in your life, and how much of a favoring she is to you.

7. Take a shower with her

Who doesn’t like morning s*x? Or fair doubtlessly smooching some time recently beginning their day. Shower time gives you time to do this, particularly in case there are kids within the house. But on the off chance that due to work reasons or need of time you can’t bathe with her, you’ll be able begin a shower for her. Each lady subtly needs this, but wouldn’t tell you.

When doing all this, be earnest do not fair do it to compliment her. The words and actions ought to come from your heart. These activities bring the much-needed start to your relationship, keep your lady ceaselessly upbeat and offer assistance your as of now budding sentiment to sprout.

8. Tell her how much you cherish her

For the most part, a lady continuously needs to listen that her man cherishes her. Envision how elated and happy she would be to hear you whisper how much you love her into her ears to begin with thing within the morning, particularly when said the basic “I love you”. It’ll leave a grin on her confront the entirety day. This will make her whole day.

9. Imploring with her

Particularly on the off chance that you’re a believer, praying together with your lady reinforces the bond between the both of you. Each lady implores for a man who knows God and can offer assistance her develop her spiritual life, waking up within the morning and supplicating together with your lady is something each lady furtively yearns for.


Those are some of the things each woman wants in the morning but will never tell you, it doesn’t truly matter in the event that you do not do it impeccably, what truly things is the contemplations which you did it truly. Doing these things will make your woman happy, which is, able in turn, make your relationship and your life a happy one, and bring back the start in your relationship, or include to the as of now existing start, and sprouts your sentiment.

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Love And Dating

5 Signs She Wants You To Move On (And Signs She Doesn’t)



“Will she take the first step? You ask yourself, optimistically. “Should I?”

For every green light possibility you think she’ll give you, you end up confused by another thing she’s doing that looks like a giant red stop sign.
Your inner monologue can go through every possible situation and repeat itself when you spend time with a woman you are attracted to.
While trying to read a woman. Her body language can be a guessing game, and understanding the signs that she wants you to do something can be difficult.

Yes of course, it’s important to be careful when a woman doesn’t seem receptive to your suggestions. Even if she’s interested in you, consent is key, and the only way to know for sure if she wants you to come forward is to ask her.

In the meantime, as you’re trying to figure out if you should ask that particular question, these clues can help you see if the time is right.

Signs she wants you to come forward

1. She texts you first.
If a woman texts you first, she likes you and chances are she wants you to move on. Try suggesting a romantic date to create more chemistry between the two of you!
While many women subscribe to the “men always text first” rule, that’s not always the case!

2. She flirts with you.
A flirtation can be fleeting and sometimes easy to miss. A playful touch or a lock of her hair are flirty gestures that you can spot and show that she might want you to move on.

3. She makes eye contact with you often.
You may have heard the saying “The eyes are the windows to the soul”.
Regular eye contact with a woman can tell you a lot about her. Does it keep your look? If she continues to make eye contact with you, you can tell she’s interested.
Maintaining eye contact is one of the surefire signs that she wants you to come forward.

4. She “likes” or interacts with your social media posts.
If you have a social network, chances are the two of you are already connected as friends.

If she “likes” your posts or interacts with you on social media, she’s sending you a signal that she’s ready for you to move on!

5. She wants to be near you.
If she sits next to you or moves closer to you, she wants to see how you would react if you were around.

Take the opportunity to gently touch his hand.

If she reciprocates your touch, she really wants you to take the next step.

6. She initiates contact.
Initiating contact is a great way to find out if she wants you to move on.

If the two of you are apart, an example of their first contact is texting you first or suggesting a plan to meet you.

When the two of you are together, she may gently touch your arm or crept closer to you.
These subtle clues can be big signs that she’s waiting for your first move!

7. She smiles at you – well.
Her smile can mean many things, but if you keep looking at each other and she’s always smiling at you, that’s a great sign!

8. In A Group Setting, she draws you to her alone time.
Public displays of affection (PDA) can feel a little awkward in group situations, and not everyone is used to it.
If she lets you go alone for a moment, she wants you to do your thing when you’re both comfortable!

9. She Stares At Your Lips.
The most obvious sign to know if she wants you to come forward is when she stares at your lips, as if inviting you to kiss her.
Get a little closer and enjoy the chemical sparks that are sure to explode like fireworks in the sky!

10. She wants to know everything about you.
She might ask about your family, your school, what you like to do on the weekends (that’s an important clue that she wants to hang out with you!) or some other personal matter. She will probably do the same and you will have a closer relationship!

11. She implies that she is always available.
Maybe you know each other from work, class, or some other place where people don’t usually discuss their personal lives or communicate with each other.
But if she complains about not having a Valentine’s Day date in a few weeks, or if she says she has two tickets to a great concert but no one comes with her, Well, that’s his way of trying to convince you to do it.

How To know If She Wants You To Move

1. She tells you that she is not interested.
If she tells you to back off, listen to her and act. After all, true gentlemen always know how to be respectful.

This may seem obvious, but unfortunately, some men still don’t understand that when a woman says“no,” she really means it.

2. Her body language says “no.”
Sometimes a woman who is shy to take the first step is also non-confrontational in the face of uncomfortable situations. But the body doesn’t lie.

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Pay attention if it does any of the following:

Try to stay away from you, especially in tight spaces.

Look away as much as possible without smiling.
Avoid touching yours.
Cross your arms in front of your chest.
Avoids you in social settings. Keep answers short and to the point as much as possible when trying to start a conversation
These are all signs that she’s not interested, and if you’re really unsure, you should ask her or just leave her alone.

3. She Befriends you.

If she continues to say that she appreciates having you as a “friend”, “you are such a good friend” or “I’m so glad we can just be friends without any pressure or something strange”, you can rest assured. You have been locked behind bars in the friend zone.

Unfortunately, there is more than likely no way out. Once you are friend zoned, you will always be “such a good friend”.

4. She asks you for advice about other guys.

If she starts asking you for advice about other guys she’s dating, you can be sure that she’s trying to send you a signal that, yes, she wants to date you, but isn’t. , she is not interested in dating. Friend.

She doesn’t mind having you in her life and she might really appreciate your opinion, but don’t let that fool you into thinking you’ll change your mind about this.

5. She doesn’t make plans with you.

You might be trying to make plans with her in the future, but she seems really unsure about it and says something vague like “I think my friend from college is having a party. Marry her that day.”

Maybe she’s made plans with you many times before, making excuses for you like “I’ve got a problem at work” or “There’s an urgent family business” or “My aunt flew to the city and you know what it’s like…wait, right’ Did I tell you about her? Oops!”

Apologies seem reasonable, but the excuses that come with them are dishonest. Especially after the 10th. You have to understand that she doesn’t want to commit to you, no matter how hard it sounds.

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Love And Dating

10 signs she no longer wants you and She Likely Needs You Back



she likely needs you back

Now and then people make choices we afterward lament. The circumstance or condition at that minute might provoke you to form hurried choices and afterward feel awful almost this since it wasn’t what you arranged for. On the off chance that a woman rejects your proposition, to begin with, it might appear to affirm to her, but later she might wish she considered it legitimately sometime recently saying “No”.

This can be a result of her reasons known to her. In the event that you figure, she laments her activities of turning down your proposition, likely through her demeanor underneath are self-evident signs to distinguish the truth.

14 Signs She Laments Dismissing You and She Likely Needs You Back

1. She’s Been Inquiring on the off chance that You’re Seeing Somebody Else.

A clear sign a young lady regrets rejecting you is on the off chance that she asks about your relationship status. She needs to know in the event that you’re still single and if you’re will she have a chance with you? On the off chance that you’re not this gives her trust that you just might need to require her back.

You’ll inquire why she needs to know on the off chance that you’re still single and get her to open up to know her genuine eagerly on the off chance that she truly laments or in case she fair needs to taunt you.

2. Her Friends Are Telling You She’s Fascinated by You

When a woman turns down her proposition and laments it, she frequently tells her companions. So on the off chance that her friends tell you she is inquisitive about you it’s a clear sign.

She will tell her companions to pass the message over, in case you’re fortunate they will do that for her. In pith, in case you want to know how a young lady genuinely feels around you, her companions are in distant better;a much better;a higher;a stronger;an improved”>a stronger position to uncover her genuine sentiments.

3. She gets to be more caring than some time recently

Being caring is one of the ways you’ll effortlessly distinguish she laments turning you down. In the event that she continuously needs to know how you’re faring, checks on you from time to time buys you a gift or offers to help you with something. All these clearly appear she is repentant.

4. She Apologizes for How She Acted

Usually a surefire sign, once a woman starts to apologize for turning you down, it tells you how too bad she is and she laments her actions.

On the off chance that this happens it means she realized her botch for taking a off-base choice at that time. She wants to apologize to redress her botch additionally right her wrongs.

She might demonstrate her intrigued in you, so do not be frightened to inquire her out for the moment time in case you still like her.

5. She Needs to Conversation Around It

Maybe she calls for a one-on-one discussion on what transpired. This shows she laments her activities and she might want to acknowledge your proposition in the event that given a chance.

With her request to see you, you might presume she needs to apologize for the way she turned you down but afterward you get to find it’s opposite to your beginning contemplations around her visit.

Most likely she would need to discover out the reason you inquired her out and allow you reasons why she rejected your proposition at to begin with. She might indeed inquire for a second chance.

6. She Keeps Making Pardons to Bump Into You

Once you’ve got been rejected by a girl they attempt to dodge bumping into you. But when they discover a way to bump into you at each given opportunity you’ll be beyond any doubt it’s deliberateness and she likely needs a discussion with you.

They might claim it’s a insignificant coincidence but truly, it’s not, you’ll break the quiet by asking her what she needs, you’ll be shocked at what she would say.

7. She Arbitrarily Writings You

In case she sends you a content continuously clearly states she has something to say but she doesn’t know how to voice it out. There’s a inclination that her reason for texting you to induce your consideration.

She might need to create companions with you or she wants something more with you. Whichever one it is you’ll discover out for yourself.

8. She joyfully says yes to all your solicitations

When a lady realizes she made a botch by turning you down she will readily acknowledge any welcome from you. The reason is she needs to create up for the times she rejected you and turned you down. Her blame prompts her to acknowledge your welcome this time.

Her botches have opened her eyes to the reality of turning you down. So presently she’s enthusiastic to form corrects fair for you.

9. She incidentally lets her genuine sentiments appear

Women who lament turning a man down more often than not appear their sentiments without knowing they do. This happens since it’s how they feel interior. You might take note signs of envy, looking for consideration, being excessively defensive or she appears much concern almost what you are doing.

10. She stalks you:

Stalking it’s another sign she regrets turning you down. She will stalk you offline and online fair to urge your consideration. This could be a strategy to induce included with you so you take note her, that way she gets to open up. You may likely run into her in places you know she will discover you.

11. She dresses to awe you

Appearing off or parading herself around you’re one of the signs. She might wear something she knows you like or go out of her way to see amazingly excellent fair to seize your consideration. She will dress well to pull in you, that way she can enter your heart. She is by implication telling you she laments her activities.

12. She tries to form up for her botches

You might find a alter of state of mind towards yourself. Maybe she used to be discourteous but she as of late starts to talk courteously and pleasantly. On the off chance that she ordinarily overlooks your chats at that point, she will begin answering to you or indeed be the primary to content you.

13. She remains single indeed in the event that there are suitors

If your ex or a woman laments dismissing you, she will stay single since she’s trusting that you folks will come back together.

14. She appears sudden intrigued in your activities

She might see down on your calling, or what you’re into, but when she starts lamenting her activities she will begin appearing intrigued in you and your undertakings. She needs to know more approximately you, your family, exercises, objectives, and aspiration. The reason is she needs to be portion of herself.


It’s easy to spot these signs, once she comes up with these activities it’s self-evident she laments and trusts you grant her a chance. On the off chance that you’re still into her it’s not a awful thought to provide her a chance again. Sometimes we make botches at a few point since we fizzled to allow appropriate thought.

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