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Is Reed Hastings the owner of Netflix? Bio, Age, Height, Net worth, Netflix, Wife



Reed Hasting netflix

Reed Hastings Biography

Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr was born in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S on 8 October 1960. He is the Co-Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO of Netflix.

Reed Hastings Profile Overview

Name: Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr

Place of Birth: Born: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Date of Birth: 8 October 1960

Education: Stanford University (1988), Bowdoin College (1983),

Nationality: American

Spouse: Patricia Ann Quillin

Children: Molly Hastings

Parents: Joan Amory Loomis, Wilmot Reed Hastings

Organizations founded: Netflix, Pure Software

Net worth: $ 3.3 billion (2023) alleged net worth

Hastings Reeds Early Life And Career

Hastings was born in Boston, Massachusetts in the month of October 1983.

Reeds father, Wilmot Reed Hastings Sr. was an attorney for the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare during the Nixon administration, and her mother, Joan Amory Loomis, was a Boston newcomer from a socially registered family shunned by upper society. Taught her children to despise it.

Hastings was a student of Buckingham Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Reeds is a graduate of Bowdoin College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics. He later on attended Stanford University after returning from the Peace Corps. he obtained a master’s degree(In 1988) in computer science.

Reed’s got his first job at Adaptive Technology company, where he created a software debugging tool.

His first company, Pure Software, specialized in software troubleshooting products. Business growth proved very difficult for Reeds Hastings because of his Inexperience of management skills.

He says he has struggled to manage the rapidly growing number of members. His technical background didn’t prepare him for the challenges of being CEO and he asked his board to replace him, saying he was losing confidence.

Pure Software has announced a merger with Atria Software. The merger integrated Pure Software’s programs for detecting bugs in software with Atria’s tools to manage complex software development in 1996.

Hastings and former Pure Software employee Marc Randolph co-founded Netflix, providing movie rentals by mail to customers in the United States by combining two emerging technologies; DVDs, much easier to mail in than with VHS tapes and a website to order them, instead of a paper catalog in 1997.

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Reeds Hastings wife and Children

He is married to Patricia Ann Quillin and has two children and they live in California.

Reeds Hastings Good Deeds

Hastings has donated $1 million to Razom, a Ukrainian nonprofit that buys emergency supplies and medical equipment such as disposable resuscitation machines to treat injured people in March 2022.

Hastings and his Patricia Ann Quillin(wife) have donated $30 million to GAVI to support the COVAX COVID-19 vaccine initiative in 2020.


1. His maternal great-grandfather, Alfred Loomis, was a Yale- and Harvard-educated Wall Street mogul who made his fortune funding power companies.

2. Founder and current CEO of Pure Software and Netflix. Member of Microsoft’s Board of Directors

3. His great-grandfather led a group of businessmen who bought much of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, to use as their personal playground.

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Reed Hastings Age

Hastings was born in the early 80s. Reeds is 40 years old as of 2023.

Reed Hastings Height

Reeds Stands at a height of 178cm of 1.78m.

Reed Hastings Net Worth

Reeds Net Worth is estimated to be $3.3 billion.

Reed Hastings Twitter

Reeds Hastings has over 136k followers on Twitter to view CEO of Netflix Twitter account vist Here for more information.


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2. What makes Netflix unique is the ability to release these shows all over the world at the same time. This is a big difference, as the world of entertainment is Balkanized country by country. All cable networks agree on how long a show will be available. We are all part of the next wave he will be one world, one internet

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Jonathan Moffett Age, net worth, family, Biography, Wikipedia, House



Jonathan moffett networth

Jonathan Moffett Biography

Jonathan Phillip Moffett “Sugarfoot” a drummer, producer and song writer. Born November 17 1954 in new Orleans Louisiana united states. collaborated with Michael Jackson as a backup drummer So, he went on tours with the Jackson “The Destiny tour” was his first Major.

His drumming style are often mimicked by drummers all over the world to this day, and taught in various music schools. Moffett’s drum beat on “Don’t Stop the Music” 1981.

Jonathan Moffett Profile Summary

Full name: Jonathan Phillip Moffett

Nickname: Sugarfoot

Date of birth: 17 November 1954

Place of birth: New Orleans Louisiana

Age: 69 years old ( @ 2023)

Nationality: American

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Instruments: Drums, percussion, vocals

Labels: Envision Entertainment

Family: Myra Hissami Moffett( wife),

Years active: 1979–present

Early Life, Career And History

Jonathan Moffett began his drumming career by performing locally with well-known bands within the region and at nightclubs.

His career kicked off with the Jackson family and he was awarded the name “Sugarfoot” by Michael Jackson for his frequent progress in techniques on the foot pedals.

In addition He designed his own signature Jonathan Moffett Duo drum sticks in 1996 and designed his own percussion instrument (cymbal) called the Moffett “M” Series with Soul tone. However, he had a disagreement with the company and currently in the process of designing his very own drum products and line of drum sticks called “Sweet Beats”, which will be sold on his web store.

Jonathan Moffett’s Awards

Jonathan Moffett is most recognized JonathanMoffett.ethfor winning multiple RIAA Platinum Awards, including The Jacksons Live In 1981, Like a Prayer in 1989, Sleeping with the Past in 1989, I’m Breathless: Music from and Inspired by the Film Dick Tracy (Madonna) RIAA Platinum Award 1990, YouTube Silver Creator Award 2018.

moffett's pics

Moffett collaborations with Artists

Michael Jackson

Lionel Richie


Stevie Wonder

Quincy Jones

Patti Austin

Richard Marx

Rick James

Siedah Garrett

The Jacksons

The O’Jays

Mark Ronson and so many others.

Jonathan Moffett Social Media

Moffett Instagram Account

Jonathan Moffett has over 544k followers on Instagram. To view photos and videos of Jonathan Moffett visit @jmoffettmjm

Moffett Twitter Account



Jonathan Moffett

Jonathan Moffett Net Worth

Jonathan Moffett has an
Estimated net worth alleged to be of $1-6 Million Dollar approx.

Jonathan Moffett Drummer Credits Films

1985 Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour

1988 Madonna: Ciao, Italia! – Live from Italy, Coming to American

2009 Madonna: Celebration – The Video Collection, Michael Jackson’s This Is It

2011 Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour

2016 Journey of Michael Jackson’s from Motown to Off the Wall

2017 Madonna 6 Concert DVD Set “In Our Country”, “Flame”

Moffett’s Songs

2009: Jonathan Moffett release three songs Flame, In Our Country, and To Be Free.

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Matt Kaplan Net Worth, Age, Instagram, Biography, Dog, Wikipedia



matt Kaplan new pics

Matt Kaplan Biography

Matthew Kaplan is a producer and a CEO of Ace entertainment born April 14, 1984. He graduated from Columbia University and he played football with the lion football team. Matt got married in 2016 to Claire Holt and divorced her in 2017. Kaplan is currently in a relationship with Alex Cooper. Matthew Kaplan is also, a co-founder of costa Brava cocktails.

Matt Kaplan’s Profile Summary

Full name: Matthew Kaplan

Date of birth: April 14, 1984

Age: 39 (@2023)

Place of birth: California united states

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’9 ( feet)

Religion: Jewish

Marital status: Married to Alexandra Cooper ( according to IMDb biography)

University: Columbia University

Profession: Film producer, Entrepreneur

Net worth: $5 Million Dollars approx.

Matt Kaplan’s Movies produce

2022 The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between.

2021 Always and Forever All the Boys

2020 Body Cam, Spontaneous, P.S. I Still Love You

2019 The Perfect Date

2018 To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, my Dead ex

2017 Before I Fall, Stephanie, You Get Me

2016 Dance Camp, Shovel Buddies, The Darkness

Matt Kaplan’s Marital status

Married to Alexandra Cooper

matt and wife pics

Matt Kaplan Age

Matt Kaplan was born in April 1984. he is age 39 years old as of 14, April 2023.

Matt Kaplan’s Net Worth

Matt Kaplan’s net worth is over $5 Million Dollars approx.

Matt Kaplan Instagram

Matt Kaplan has over 2,019k followers on IG. to view pictures of matt Kaplan you can visit his page @mattkaplan

Matt Kaplan Height

Matt Kaplan stands at Height of 5feet 9 inches (1.75m/175cm).

Matt Kaplan Dog Name

Matt Kaplan named his dog Henry.


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Druski2funny, Real Name, Net worth, Biography, Girlfriend, Age



Druski pics new

Drew Dawit Desbordes Biography

Drew Dawit Desbordes is also known as Druski is a comedian and is born in Baltimore Maryland United States on September 12, 1994. Therefore, He became popular during the lockdown in 2020 and He is a self-made Instagram star.

He grew up in Gwinnett County in Georgia, a suburban area north of Atlanta and he’s age 29 years old as of 2023. His Instagram name is druski2funny. He is mostly seen with musical artist.

Profile Summary of Drew Dawit Desbordes ( Druski)

Full Name: Drew Dawit Desbordes

Date of birth: 12 September 1994

Age : 29 years as of 2023

Education: Georgia Southern University

Nationality: American

Years active: 2018–present

Nickname: Druski

Genres: Sketch comedy

Instagram account: @Druski2funny

Resident: Atlanta

Height: 1.88m/188cm

Family: Capt. David McLain Desbordes (father) Nadia Desbordes (sister) Cheryl Desbordes (mother)

Net worth: Un disclose but is alleged to be $ 1 million approx.

Early Life And Career Of Drew Desbordes

Early Life

Druski was born on September 12 1994 in the united states. His father is a commercial pilot who served the Country, as a captain in the National Guard.

Drew was able to finish High school because his Spanish teacher was making it easy and fast for him to graduate. He attended Georgia Southern University where he transferred from Georgia Gwinnett collage.

Druski Started watching YouTube videos when he was depress and stopped attending classes which made him to drop out from school disappointing his mom who was paying his rent. he was aiming to become a sportscaster, however, he landed in the comedy world.

Druski recent instagram


Drew featured on a song with lil Yachty, Oprah Bank account in the year 9 March 2020. He also featured some other music artists, Where he started hosting shows for rappers and host tours. above all, he made a post on Instagram, that he’s going to use his gifts to make the world a better place.

in the year 2021 he was a host in a new series called Sneakin in with Druski sponsored by Adidas and Revolt. drew also made a satirical Label Coulda Been Records for artist to come to his IG lives which result to teasing.

Druski was spotted in the Canadian Rapper’s video Laugh Now Cry Later Drake featuring Lil Durk on 13 August 2020.

Net worth Of Druski2funny

Alleged to be $1 million approx.

Druski’s Instagram

He has over 4.6 million followers on IG. To view photos and videos of Druski visit Instagram @Druski2funny

to view more of his post.

Druski’s Music videos

Lil Yachty “Oprah’s Bank Account

Drake feat. Lil Durk “Laugh Now Cry Later

BenDaDonnn Grandma Knows

Jack Harlow Tyler Herro

Frequently Asked Questions

. Druski2funny Date of birth?

Ans: 12 September 1994

. What is Druski real name?

Ans. Drew Dawit Desborde

druski hands up meme not available.

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